Helping your horses joints this winter

Why stiffness and swelling up occurs


TOP TIP - for increasing movement

By placing your water, hay nets and other boredom products around the stable will increase movement. Do you ever see your horse graze from one area? NO well the same in the stable try and have at least two feed stations to increase movement 

Also increase neck and back movement

Using the HayGrazer Play also makes the horse stratch and can be hung much lower helping the back and neck. Also the way the holes are placed and with the constant movement the horse wont get repetitive muscle strain like using a hay net. 

Magnetic Therpy Boots

These boots not only act as a wrap helping with stocking up but also have 28 magnets to improve circulation and positive energy. 

Horse love sniffing flowers and oils

Place the Natural Horse diffusors in the stable opposit side to door and hay nets, to increase movement. The oils also help improve circulation, reduce swelling and help with artheritis.


These can make your horse have repetitive movement so we recomend the HayGrazer Play but if you are using or prefer hay nets make sure you place a couple around you stable to increase movement.