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HayGrazer Media uses a range of advertising platforms from equine Apps to social media to give a cost effective service different from traditional advertising techniques. 

Our new app is one not to be missed!

A quick fire, fun based game asking a vast selection of equestrian questions from brand logos to points of the horse... test your equestrian and industry knowledge by working your way through the levels.

Why this is one of the best type of advertising around?

This is the best form of advertising to get USP acroos, get potential customers engaged and talking about your product. In our App you will have two questions about your product amongst other general questions.

IE What brand is this logo? What is the active ingrediant in ... that calms the horse down?

At this point your potential customer has not only seen your brand but had to engage and remember it. 

You will then have a page pop up with a direct link to your website, the people clicking on your advert will have heard and thought about your product, know what your usp is and be generally interested.

When we say your potential customer will have seen your brand three times we mean your potential customer will have thought and engaged with your brand three times.

We will also, at a cheaper rate, have a banner link to your website saying find the answer so people search and read your chosen webpage to get the correct answer for the quiz.

Social Media & Google Links

We use a group of active bloggers who not only come up with grest short videos but also write great blogs all featured on the Equine-Innovaitons website (reviews) we can provide your complete online presence. 

Completely Transparent

We pride ourselves on testing and analysing the adverts to optimise click through rate to your website. We will give you all figures including how many people went on your website. We are completely transparent and when we say we will reach an audience of 65,000 we mean we will show your advert to 65,000 potential customers not just could potentially show up to 65,000 people who follow us.

Professional Looking

Your potential customers will see your brand being talked about and shared across all platforms. They will also see great looking adverts on our Apps giving the impression of a trusted upcoming brand. We will get your potential customers talking about your product and sharing with friends so its more than just brand awareness and with our exptesive use of bloggers we can help Google searches, trusted reviews and improve sales in a non-invasive way. 

Today’s Market

Most of your potential customers no longer purchase magazines. Why? Everything is immediate and at your fingertips with the internet. You no longer have to wait for your favourite magazine to come out to see this weeks Top Tips, or results. 

Did you know

80-90% of people who own a horse browse the internet on their mobile. This means the use of banner advertising only works if it is mobile compatible which most aren’t.

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This App was recently released and now getting 1000 opens per day with great conversion rates all being Dressage riders competeing a great time to remind them of your new products. 

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