Road Safety TOP TIPS

As a retired instructor, i also use to train people to take their road safety exams.
And one thing we were taught by the police was how important it was to be seen.
They actually took us out down a country lane, in the day time and asked us to spot how many people we saw between two given spots, the first time we only saw 2, we were then taken down again and this time we saw 4, two people had put some hi-viz on, on the 3rd run we saw all 6 people as they all had hi-viz on, this really brought home the value of being seen.
Also we were told and shown how far a car travelled when the driver spotted the hi-viz and stopped to how far when they didn't, it was a real eye opener.
Also another good point they made was that in this day and age there is litegation, if you do get hit or have a accident, you have to prove you did your best to avoid it, well if you are covered in hi-viz no one can ever say they didn't see you.
So my top tips are:
1: Wear appropriate clothing, a good hat, proper boots, and hi-viz.

2:Ride in good conditions, dont ride in fog, and high winds.

3:Teach your horse basic lateral movements, you can ride shoulder fore past scary monsters, having first made sure its safe to do so.

4: Use clear arm signals, to often they are not clear, and even better wear flourescent gloves.

5:Be courteous to other road users, even if you cannot take your hands off the reins a smile and a thankyou goes a long way.


LUMA Technology combines reflective Material and LED lights make an even brighter more visable object during lighter days. 

It is when going into low light areas and trees you need to catch the drivers attention. 

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